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Healing ministry

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What is healing? There is no one definition for it embraces so many aspects of life. It is a ministry often seen as one of the church's responses to Jesus' commission to preach the gospel and heal the sick (Luke 10). It is meeting people at their point of need and helping them on their journey to wholeness.

We believe that God loves and cares for people and all creation and that God's desire is that people who are hurting and broken in body, mind, spirit and the emotions, should know healing, love, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.

All churches have a healing ministry which may be through prayers of intercession for those who are sick, prayers of forgiveness and reconciliation, the sacraments, pastoral work, church groups for young and the not so young, specialist help groups and others such as the listening ear.

The healing ministry embraces all these aspects and many more. By more consciously bringing Christ into the situation through listening and prayer, and being guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we take this a step further and deeper.

Healing services may be part of that, but not necessarily.

Whenever we come into the presence of God, we are being healed – made whole. Remember the woman touching Jesus' coat? She was healed simply by touching Jesus. Some years ago, a statement from the British Medical Association reminded us that: 'People are body, mind and spirit, and health depends on the harmonious functioning of the whole, the task of medicine and the church are inseparable ...'

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The Health and Healing Development Group was established in about 1972 when the United Reformed Church (URC) was formed and in 1995 came under the umbrella of 'Church and Society'. Before that it came under 'Faith and Life'. In the 1990's the URC came together with the Methodist Church to form the URC/Methodist Health and Healing Development Group.

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