Church House and its staff

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Reception 2019

United Reformed Church House is located in central London and is the administrative centre of the denomination which works and witnesses in the three nations of England, Scotland and Wales.

Around 60 employees work out of Church House, performing a wide variety of tasks including the essential financial, managerial and administration tasks of the Church, running the many Assembly programmes and supporting the 13 Synods in their work.



Church House staff team

To contact a member of staff

Church House staff can be contacted easily. Click the full phone list or email, via the departmental pages below. 

Church and Society • Children's and Youth •  Commitment for Life •  Communications •  Church Related Community Work •  Ecumenical and Interfaith •  Education and Learning •  Facilities •  Finance •  Fresh Expressions •  General Secretariat •  Global and Intercultural •  Human Resources •  Information Technology •  Ministries •  Mission •  Rural Mission •  Reception and Records Management •  Retired Ministers' Housing •  Safeguarding •  Walking the Way


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