Equalities Policy

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Encouraging equality, cherishing diversity


The United Reformed Church believes that all people are created in God’s image and are loved by God. In his ministry Jesus showed God’s love by his openness to all people, including those who were marginalised in his day.

Statement of intent

The United Reformed Church affirms its commitment to show the same openness to all people in today’s world. It intends in spirit and in deed to promote equality of opportunity and diversity in all spheres of its activity and is committed to behaving as an equal opportunity organisation. It acknowledges that people are called to be diverse and lively, inclusive and flexible through the sharing of the gospel.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy Statement

Exclusion and discrimination can occur on many grounds including those recognised in law, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, colour, ethnic or national origin, age, marital status and disability. The United Reformed Church seeks to eradicate less favourable treatment in these areas by endeavouring to:

  • Build inclusive communities where all will be treated with dignity and respect and have equality of opportunity to contribute their gifts to the common life;
  • Identify and remove barriers to participation in employment, training, promotion, leadership and representation on church committees and in the attitudes and actions of  every congregation;
  • Take positive action to counter attitudes and practices contrary to this statement of intent;
  • Define within the law when being of a particular religion or belief is or is not  a requirement for any post within the church;
  • Develop detailed policies to give effect to these requirements, and;
  • Monitor and report on progress in fulfilling these requirements.

This policy is the overarching equality and diversity direction of the United Reformed Church and should be read in conjunction with The United Reformed Church’s declaration that it is a multicultural church and its equality policies on employment, church activities, membership, committees and councils.

Adopted by Mission Council 2006 and reported to General Assembly 2008.


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