The nature, faith and order of the United Reformed Church

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What we believe

The beliefs of the denomination are perhaps best summed up in our Statement concerning the Nature, Faith and Order (PDF | 493kb) of the United Reformed Church.

We say these words together on some of our big public occasions and they provides a vivid snapshot of what we are about. Those with well-tuned historical antennae will be able to pick up all sorts of references to our sometimes turbulent past and to issues that are still divisive among us. For those who say these words, some commentary may be helpful, along with an invitation to enter the debates. When the deeper implications of these phrases are appreciated they become not empty words to be parroted, but spine-tingling testimony to the kind of church we are or hope to be. 

What is the URC? 

What is the URCA brief introduction to the United Reformed Church that tells you about our beliefs, history, structure and how you can get involved. 




Find out more about us

If you would like to know more about what we believe then the course detailed below is a good place to start.

This five-session course is designed for small groups of young people or adults in local churches; those preparing for church membership, those who are new to the United Reformed Church or for those who, for whatever reason, want to deepen their understanding of our traditions and beliefs.

Five session course pdf downloads for A4 printing
Session one – A faithful Church  download
Session two – A church based on the Bible download
Session three – Part of the one great Church, with a particular story of our own download
Session four – A church that affirms freedom download
Session five – A church praying and working for unity download
Statement of the Nature, Faith and Order of the United Reformed Church download
  download all pages

In the United Reformed Church issues of faith and order are addressed by the Faith and Order Committee. More information on its scope and remit can be found here.


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